Piano Lessons in Clapham Junction, SW11, London

Our piano teacher in Clapham Junction, SW11 offers piano lessons on a high quality keyboard, in one of our piano teachers’ home teaching studios.

Our music teacher in Clapham Junction offers fun introductory music lessons for young beginners, aged two and up. She has an undergraduate degree in Commercial Music Production and a Master of Arts degree in Ethnomusicology. She has been teaching music lessons for babies and toddlers since 2010, both privately and in schools. This teacher plays piano/keyboards, guitar, percussion, and sings, and has designed a fun and engaging teaching method for young children that will peak their interest and curiosity in the wonderful world of music through musical stories and games, singing, movement, and the basics of piano playing. She has studied Orff and Kodaly methods, and incorporates these and other techniques to create a well-rounded program geared towards developing a strong and lasting foundation of musical knowledge and ability in her students. We recommend that all young beginners start with this teacher's general musicianship lessons before continuing their musical journey into piano-specific tuition.

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