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If it’s the classical piano repertoire that inspires you, there's no better place to find classical piano teachers.


The UK, USA, Canada, and France are all countries steeped in a rich classical piano tradition that stems back to the greatest pianists, piano composers, and piano teachers in the history of Western classical piano music.


In London, in particular, this history harks back to the origins of the instrument itself. Since Johann Christian Bach’s historic 1767 concert in London sparked interest in the new “pianoforte” instrument, as it was then called, some of the the most important pianists and piano teachers have been based in these cities.

Today, cities with world class conservatories, concert halls, and music festivals continue to attract the world’s premier concert pianists and piano teachers, and create a stimulating environment for taking classical piano lessons. For inspiration, all you need to do is take in one of the countless (and free) lunchtime piano recitals at churches, or head to one of the countless concert halls and performance venues.

Our classical piano teachers here at Piano Teachers Connect are the cream of the crop. They are world-class performers, award winners in performance and composition, and have degrees from some of the best conservatories and universities around the world. They are also experienced piano teachers, with backgrounds in teaching private piano lessons at schools, conservatories, and in their private piano teaching studios. Some of them receive regular invitations as guest lecturers, and for leading piano workshops and masterclasses. Their studies have encompassed thorough pedagogic training, and their teaching methods have been refined over years of teaching classical piano lessons.

In your classical piano lessons you can choose the repertoire you play from the works of your favourite composers while also benefiting from your classical piano teachers’ recommendations. Our piano teachers can prepare you for piano exams, which can provide an excellent source of motivation, or they can offer you classical piano lessons without exams, providing you the freedom of complete choice over your classical piano repertoire.

Our classical piano teachers will guide you towards playing classical piano with high technical proficiency, and more importantly, highly developed musical sensitivity, to draw the highest possible experience from the rich and beautiful classical tradition of solo piano works.


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