Artavazd: Online/Skype Piano Teacher

Our online/Skype piano teacher, Artavazd, offers classical piano lessons for ages 12 and above, from beginner to intermediate levels. This piano teacher has a Master of Music degree, and a wealth of experience both teaching and performing on piano. He has been teaching piano lessons since 2015. Throughout the years, this piano teacher has won many awards including the Best Young Pianist award in the Republican Olympic Contest (Armenia), 1st prize in the Republican Emin Khachaturyan Piano Competition for young pianists (Armenia), 1st prize in the International ‘’Renaissance’’ Piano Competition (Armenia), the President Prize of Republic of Armenia (Gold medal and Diploma) as the Best Piano Performer of the year, and the Laureate and special prize for the Best Performance of Scriabin at the 8th Lyon International Piano Competition (France). This piano teacher is also a composer of classical and film music, and works as a primary composer for the Armenian film industry. He considers himself not only a piano teacher, but also a person who must help his students discover their originality in the musical realm, as he believes that for musicians the main thing is to be and express themselves through music and the piano.

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