Becky: Online/Skype Piano Teacher

Our online/Skype piano teacher Becky offers piano lessons in all styles of music for ages 3 and above, from beginner to advanced. This piano teacher has a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance and a wealth of experience both teaching and performing on the piano. She has been teaching piano lessons since 2002 privately and in schools. Becky has performed as a solo and collaborative pianist in many concerts and private events, and produced multi-medium concerts and concert series’. As a contemporary pianist she has performed in festivals, including the Toronto Jazz Festival, gigged/recorded with folk/rock bands and arranged/written music along jazz, classical and folk veins. Her performances have won awards and her recent research on how adults and children learn to play piano differently won a prestigious grant. She is a practitioner and proponent of the Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and Skinner Release movement schools, seeding her teaching with an eye for healthy and natural movement. With her extensive educational training and professional experience, Becky’s lessons aim to enable students by enriching their understanding and enjoyment of playing the piano in classical or contemporary styles.

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