Bruno: Online/Skype Piano Teacher

Our online/Skype piano teacher, Bruno, offers classical piano lessons for ages 15 and above, from beginner to advanced. This piano teacher has a Bachelor of Music degree, and a wealth of experience both teaching and performing on piano. He has been teaching piano lessons since 2015. This piano teacher has performed solo piano recitals in some of the most important venues in various countries such as the Auditorio Príncipe de Felipe, Spain, Centro di Musica Antica Pietà de' Turchini, Italy, Bellas Artes, Mexico, and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Argentina. He has also played with orchestras including the Philharmonia of Oviedo, the National Music Conservatoire of Mexico, and with string quartets. This piano teacher has a very intense and passionate approach when it comes to teaching piano. He usually follows a European Conservatoire program, in which the student develops a solid technique and makes measureable step by step progress. However, his piano lessons are always student focused and he designs a program that helps each of his students achieve their individual goals.

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