Sinyu: Online/Skype Piano Teacher

Our online/Skype piano teacher Sinyu offers piano lessons in all styles of music for ages 3 and above, from beginner to advanced. This piano teacher has a Master of Arts degree in Music and a wealth of experience both teaching and performing on piano. She has been teaching piano lessons since 2010 privately and in schools. In her performance career, this piano teacher has performed many solo piano recitals, played for weddings, funerals, with church ensembles, and has been a part of a pop band. She has also been a piano accompanist for other instrumentalists for exams, music festivals, and music competitions, as well as accompanied improvised and rearranged music for Sunday church worships and choir. This piano teacher won The Kingsburg Cup Piano Competition in China, and composed music for award-winning short films and commercials. Many of her students have achieved outstanding results in performances, piano competitions, and piano exams, and she has received a certificate of appreciation for outstanding teaching. She is a very dedicated and creative piano teacher who finds ways to get the best from her students. Her teaching focuses on building a strong foundation and on musicality, while helping her students to unleash their creativity and full potential, allowing students to develop their interest and boost self-confidence through interactive and performance-based learning.

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