Piano Lessons in St. Clair & Keele, M6N, Toronto

Our piano teachers’ location in St. Clair & Keele, M6N, offers piano lessons on a Rosler upright piano, a Ronisch grand piano and a Yamaha keyboard, in one of our piano teachers' home teaching studios.

Our piano teacher at St. Clair & Keele offers classical piano lessons for ages 3 and above, from beginner to advanced. This piano teacher has a Master of Music degree and extensive experience both performing and teaching classical piano lessons. She has been teaching piano lessons since 1963 privately and in schools. This piano teacher is a sought-after accompanist for choirs, vocalists, instrumentalists, and dance performances. She also performs regularly as a solo pianist, and appeared recently at the Glenn Gould Studio in a concert for two pianos/four hands. Her experience as a classical piano teacher ranges from teaching complete beginners to high-level pianists at universities and music academies. This piano teacher has a thorough and student-focused approach to teaching piano lessons, geared towards her students' learning styles and musical interests.

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