Piano Lessons in Hodge Hill, B36, Birmingham, West Midlands

Our piano teachers’ location in Hodge Hill offers piano lessons on a high quality Yamaha upright piano, in one of our piano teachers’ home teaching studios.

Our piano teacher in Hodge Hill offers piano lessons in all styles of music, for ages 5 and above, from beginner to advanced. He has a Master of Arts degree in Music and an established career in teaching and performing. He has been teaching piano lessons since 2002 both privately and in schools. An inspired performer, this piano teacher has earned 1st prizes at piano competitions throughout the UK, and performs regularly as a soloist, accompanist, and for musical theatre and pop bands. He is also a prolific composer, writing in the classical tradition as well as for media productions. With his varied background in all styles of music, this piano teacher is able to design piano lessons around the musical interests of individual students.

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