Piano Lessons in Highbury, N5, London

Our piano teachers’ location in Highbury, N5, offers piano lessons on a high quality upright piano, in one of our piano teachers’ home teaching studios.

Our piano teacher in Highbury offers piano lessons in all styles of music, for ages 7 and above, from beginner to advanced (up to a Grade 8 standard for classical piano lessons). He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Music, and has performed professionally throughout the UK and Europe, appearing at the Royal Albert Hall alongside John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia, the Royal Festival Hall, and at jazz festivals throughout the UK. He has an extensive recording career including contributions to an album that reached the UK top ten jazz charts, with radio play in the UK and United States. He has been teaching piano lessons since 1991 both privately and in schools and universities, and regularly conducts group music workshops and masterclasses.

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