Piano Lessons in Wandsworth Town, SW18, London

Our piano teacher in Wandsworth Town, SW18 offers piano lessons on a Petrof upright piano and a Yamaha digital piano, in one of our piano teachers’ home teaching studios.

Our piano teacher in Wandsworth Town offers piano lessons in classical and pop/rock music styles, for ages 3 and above, from beginner to advanced. This piano teacher has a Master of Music and an established career in teaching, performing, and composing music. She has been teaching piano lessons since 2006 both in her private studio and in schools. As a professional pianist she is a sought after session pianist for recordings, working with prominent composers such as Henning Lohner (collaborator of John Cage, Frank Zappa, Hans Zimmer) and Lorenz Dangel (winner of the Deutscher Filmpreis 2012). She is a prominent composer herself, and is able to arrange pieces that her piano students are interested in learning, catered to their level. She is currently undertaking a second Master of Music degree, specialising in studio composition.

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