Piano Lessons in Ladbroke Grove, W10, London

Our piano teachers’ location in Ladbroke Grove, W10, offers piano lessons on a upright Rogers piano and a digital piano, in one of our piano teachers’ home teaching studios.

This piano teacher offers piano lessons in all styles of music for ages 6 and above, from beginner to advanced. She has a Bachelor of Music degree with honours and a wealth of experience teaching and performing on piano. She has been teaching piano lessons since 2009 privately and in schools. This piano teacher has vast experience as a piano performer. She has performed in many music festivals, for musical theatre, and with pop/rock bands, and is a registered solo piano artist with tedtalent. She has also played on cruise ships, for weddings, private parties, and big events such as Royal Air Force events. This piano teacher is also a lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player and has her own independent record label. With her classical training and varied professional experience in all styles of music, this piano teacher has an infectious enthusiasm for music and the piano, designing her piano lessons to be fun, thorough, and flexible, catered to her students' musical interests and learning styles.

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