Tarik Rahman

How Online/Skype Piano Lessons Work

Tarik Rahman
How Online/Skype Piano Lessons Work

Piano Teachers Connect's online piano teacher Andree-Ann teaches an online piano lesson over Skype.

Online/Skype piano lessons offer many advantages. Our online/Skype piano teachers have developed excellent methods for teaching online piano lessons over Skype, and have found ideal ways to overcome the few challenges that online/Skype piano lessons present. 

Here’s how Online/Skype piano lessons work:

Before your Online/Skype piano lesson:

  • Before the lesson you can communicate with your online/Skype piano teacher through e-mails, making them aware of any aspects in particular that you would like to cover in your next online/Skype piano lesson.

  • Your online/Skype piano teacher can send you any necessary sheet music, exercises, and notes by email, for you to prepare before your lesson.

  • At the arranged day and time, your online/Skype piano teacher will “Video Call” you on Skype. You must be signed in to your Skype account to receive the call.

During your Online/Skype piano lesson:

  • During your online piano lesson, your Skype piano teacher will teach you just as they would during an in-person piano lesson.

  • If you are working from sheet music, your online/Skype piano teacher will have a copy as well, and make notes on their piano score, holding it within view of the camera for you to copy down in pencil on your own score. This method works especially well, since copying down the notes yourself will reinforce your understanding and memory of the points in question.

  • Sometimes it’s helpful to illustrate musical ideas through diagrams. Your online/Skype piano teacher can do this on paper, for you to see on camera, and then scan the sheet of paper to send you a copy by e-mail after your online piano lesson.

  • Instead of writing your online piano lesson notes and assigned homework in a notebook, your online/Skype piano teacher will send your notes in an email message, at the end of each of your online/Skype piano lessons. Having all of your online piano lesson notes on the computer makes them easy to find, and prevents them from becoming lost.

After your Online/Skype piano lesson:

  • Be sure to contact your online/Skype piano teacher by e-mail if you have any questions after your piano lesson. We are always here to help!

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