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Matching a student to the right music teacher is at the core of Cristall-Clarke’s business.
— Inge Kjemtrup, Pianist Magazine, Issue 75, December 2013

Piano Lessons Pricing

Our piano lessons pricing is transparent and competitive, balancing affordability for our students with fair compensation to our piano teachers, to offer the most qualified, experienced, and skilled piano teachers possible to our global student body.

Watch clips from our student piano recital, and learn about the types of piano lessons we offer.

Piano Teachers Connect: Connecting You With Your Area's Best Piano Teachers

Piano Teachers Connect offers piano lessons from qualified and experienced piano teachers in cities across the UK, USA, Canada, and France, and online via Skype.

Our piano teachers are selected from the best classical, jazz, and pop/rock piano teachers, and piano teachers specialising in beginners’ piano lessons.

Piano Teachers Connect offers fun, creative, and challenging piano lessons for all ages, levels, and piano styles.

We offer piano lessons in students’ homespiano lessons in our teaching studios, and online piano lessons via Skype.

Our piano teachers are located conveniently throughout the greater metro areas of all of our cities, and in the case of our online piano teachers across a variety of timezones worldwide.

Piano Lessons In Your Home or Our Studios, or Online via Skype

Choose a location for your piano lessons that's convenient for you. 


Finding Your Preferred Location

We have piano teachers located all across the greater metro areas of our cities. Some of our piano teachers offer piano lessons in students’ homes, while other piano teachers offer piano lessons in their home teaching studios. We have professional teaching studios that are not home-based, and most of our piano teachers also offer piano lessons at these locations. We offer piano lessons over Skype to piano students around the globe.

Classical, Jazz, or Pop/Rock Piano Lessons

Piano teachers for every style of music.


Matching Your Musical Interests:

Each of our piano teachers comes from a slightly different musical background, and has followed a different focus in their career as a professional pianist and piano teacher. We listen carefully to the needs of our piano students, asking them about their musical interests, previous experience on the piano, aspirations in music, learning style, and practical requirements, in order to carefully match them with their ideal piano teacher.


We Have Piano Teachers Specialising in All Piano Styles:

Trial Piano Lessons

Make sure your piano teacher is right for you before making a weekly commitment to piano lessons.


Trying It Out:

All of our new piano students start off with one trial piano lesson, to meet their piano teacher and get a sense of their piano teacher’s personality and approach to piano lessons.


Continuing Weekly:

After the initial piano lesson, if the students feel they have found the right piano teacher for them, they can continue on with regular, weekly piano lessons. Choosing a piano teacher is a delicate matter, and occasionally our students will have trial piano lessons with a couple of our piano teachers before settling into a regular piano lesson schedule.