Tarik Rahman

Who Is the Ideal Classical Piano Teacher?

Tarik Rahman
Who Is the Ideal Classical Piano Teacher?

To bring out your inner classical pianist - that true artistic, creative spirit within - it helps to learn from a classical piano teacher who is an artist of the highest caliber.

The greatest artists in classical piano have great perspective:

  • They are informed by the whole of classical piano history.

  • They have studied with the best of today’s generation of classical pianists, and have analysed the differences and apparent contradictions in their piano teachers’ approaches.

  • They have a huge repertoire, and have a thorough knowledge of the differences in style between composers and eras in classical music.

  • They have a performing career, and are constantly in the process of creating art through their classical piano music.

  • Our classical piano teachers have completed thorough and intensive degree programs in classical piano, involving advanced training in performance, music history, theory, aural training, piano pedagogy, accompaniment, ensemble playing, and sometimes composition, orchestration, and conducting as well.

  • Our classical piano teachers have extensive performance careers as classical pianists.

  • Our classical piano teachers have their own, individual creative projects that provide their focus for their professional pursuits, and allow for their development and growth as artists.

But being an accomplished classical pianist is not enough!

  • Our classical piano teachers are all educators of the highest standard. They are informed by the past and current trends in classical piano education, and have highly developed and time-tested methods for teaching classical piano lessons. Our classical piano teachers have the training to teach classical piano lessons to students of all ages, and they have years, sometimes decades, of experience teaching classical piano lessons.

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