Tarik Rahman

Our Approach to Classical Piano Lessons

Tarik Rahman
Our Approach to Classical Piano Lessons

Piano Teachers Connect approaches classical piano lessons with the final goal in mind: expressing a message through your piano playing.

While many classical piano teachers might put the focus on playing the right notes, practising scales, and passing an exam, we see all of these aspects as means to the same end.

Creating beautiful piano music that tells a story, creates a mood, and ultimately has an impact on you, the performer, and the listeners around you - this is our final goal.

With this in mind, we can now ask ourselves what we need to do to achieve this goal.

First and foremost, we need to have fun and enjoy the process of learning the piano, as it’s this atmosphere that will nurture our creativity.

Our piano teachers provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere, allowing your creative spirit to thrive.

The next step is learning the classical piano repertoire. Our piano teachers will guide you through the beginning stages of learning a new piece, to the final polishing touches of bringing the piece to a performance standard, and using it as a vessel for creative expression.

Along the way, our classical piano teachers will give you concrete, achievable goals to measure your progress by. They will observe your progress, making sure that you develop a well-rounded foundation on the piano, and helping you to strengthen any weaknesses or gaps in your knowledge that they may see.

Our classical piano teachers will incorporate piano technique, theory, aural training, and reading skills into your classical piano lesson with direct applications to the classical piano repertoire, revealing the specific uses and importance of each of these aspects of playing classical piano.

Our classical piano teachers will prepare you for exams, if you wish, but with an eye to the grander purpose of developing your musicianship, and creating true art on the piano.

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