Toronto Piano Teachers

A school offering piano lessons with qualified and experienced piano teachers in Toronto.


Toronto Piano Teachers

A school offering piano lessons with qualified and experienced piano teachers in Toronto.

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A stellar roster of piano teachers in Toronto


Toronto's piano teachers are skilled performers

There are few better places to find piano teachers than in Toronto, an international leader for piano education. Historically, some of the world’s finest piano players and teachers have called Toronto home, including classical pianist Glenn Gould and jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. Toronto continues to attract some of the world's best classical concert pianists, jazz pianists, and pop/rock artists. Piano teachers in Toronto are stellar pianists who have played at Toronto's world-class piano performance venues such as Roy Thomson and Massey Halls, Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre, the Rex Jazz and Blues Bar, Lee’s Palace, and many others. It is from this group of pianists that Piano Teachers Connect filters out the best piano teachers through our rigorous application and interview process, to find the piano teachers with the most fun, thorough, and adaptable teaching methods, who are also professional musicians of the highest caliber.



Many Torontonians are busy people. Long commutes, busy jobs, and bustling social activities make time a precious commodity in Toronto. Piano Teachers Connect thinks it's amazing how much Torontonians value music and the arts, and we want to make it easier for piano students in Toronto to take piano lessons with the best possible piano teacher. We have brought together a great group of piano teachers in Toronto so that you don't have to spend hours searching Google and contacting countless piano teachers attempting to find one that meets your needs, is highly qualified and experienced, and has an approach to teaching that works for you. We have piano teachers for every location in Toronto, every style of music, and with varied and adaptable approaches to teaching piano.


Taking piano lessons with a great piano teacher is just one part of your adventure of music making and creative practise. Piano students in Toronto benefit from direct access to a wealth of classical piano recitals, jazz piano gigs, and shows by piano and keyboard teachers in a wide range of contemporary piano styles, which will work to enhance their learning. World-class piano concerts at Roy Thomson Hall, free classical piano recitals at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre and Royal Conservatory of Music, jazz piano trios and open jams at the Rex Jazz & Blues Bar, and a plethora of pop and rock bands performing at Toronto venues every night, are just a few sources to feed the creative spirit. In Toronto, one has a winning combination with access to piano teachers who are the cream of the crop and a musical environment like no other.

Toronto Piano Teachers | About

Information about our piano teachers in Toronto.

Toronto Piano Teachers | About

Information about our piano teachers in Toronto.

Piano Teachers in Toronto to meet your needs

Piano teachers to travel to your home, piano teachers offering piano lessons in studios, classical piano teachers, jazz piano teachers, pop/rock piano teachers, and piano teachers specialising in beginners' piano lessons - our Toronto branch consists of the most versatile and talented team of piano teachers you could imagine.


Qualified piano teachers in Toronto

All of our piano teachers in Toronto have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor degree in music, however many have achieved higher degree levels, and have several qualifications.

Here are a few real examples of qualifications that our piano teachers in London carry:

  • Bachelor of Music, University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, York University

Experienced piano teachers in Toronto

As well as being skilled educators, with well-designed and thorough approaches to teaching, we require our piano teachers in Toronto to be highly skilled and talented pianists.

Here are some real examples of music venues in Toronto where our piano teachers have performed:

  • Roy Thomson Hall
  • The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar
  • Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts



Toronto is a big place, and there are a lot of piano teachers living and working in Toronto, so how do you find and choose the ideal piano teacher to meet your needs and interests?

That's where we can help! We've already brought together many of the best piano teachers in Toronto, so all you need to do is tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll take care of the rest.




Decide whether you would like to have piano lessons in your own home or in one of our studio locations. If you would prefer to travel to a studio for your piano lessons, have a look at our piano teaching studio locations in Toronto, and find a few options in your area.


Musical Interests

Perhaps you already have a style of music in mind for your piano lessons, or that you have been working on. If not, create a mental image of yourself playing piano a year from now - what piece, style, or composer are you playing? If you're not sure which style you would prefer, don't worry - we have piano teachers to can introduce you to all styles of music, and you can choose your path as you go along.

Trial Piano Lesson

Once you tell us your preferences, location, and availability for lessons, we'll place you with a piano teacher who we believe will be the best fit for you, and arrange a trial piano lesson for you to meet with your piano teacher. Only you will know whether we've found the perfect piano teacher for you, so after your first piano lesson we'll check in to hear your thoughts, and go from there.

Understanding Piano Teachers' Qualifications in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect compares qualifications for piano teachers in Toronto, and explains how to identify qualified piano teachers in Toronto.

Understanding Piano Teachers' Qualifications in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect compares qualifications for piano teachers in Toronto, and explains how to identify qualified piano teachers in Toronto.

Choosing a piano teacher in Toronto is an important decision. Like choosing a doctor or tax accountant, finding a piano teacher in Toronto who is highly trained and qualified to teach piano lessons will ensure that you are receiving a thorough and well-rounded piano education. This will save you from potential frustration later on by avoiding any gaps in your knowledge, and from potential physical problems by ensuring a proper piano hand technique right from the beginning. Fortunately there are a few ways to reliably determine whether your prospective piano teacher in Toronto has up-to-date training and qualifications recognized by Canadian and Toronto standards of piano education.

Here are some qualifications the best Toronto piano teachers tend to have earned during courses of intensive piano studies in Toronto. These qualifications generally act as proof of the highest levels of training for piano teachers in Toronto.

RCM-Qualified Piano Teachers in Toronto

Many piano teachers in Toronto - especially classical piano teachers - have achieved qualifications from the Royal Conservatory of Music. An ARCT (Associate Diploma) in piano performance or pedagogy or an LRCM (Licentiate Diploma) indicate that Toronto piano teachers are performing and teaching to the RCM's highest standards.

Toronto Piano Teachers with Conservatory Canada Qualifications

Conservatory Canada is a similar/parallel institution to the RCM. Piano teachers in Toronto who have attained the ACCM (Associate) and/or LCCM (Licentiate) are considered to have an equivalent level of qualification as the ARCT and LRCM respectively.

Piano Teachers in Toronto with Bachelor and Masters Degrees

Bachelor and Masters degree programs are considered a step above the RCM and CC diplomas, as they incorporate a larger degree of both practical academic training, many degree programs require an ARCT as a prerequisite for entry. The University of Toronto and York University have excellent degree programs in both classical piano and jazz piano, and piano teachers in Toronto who graduate from these schools are the cream of the crop. Humber College is equally prestigious for jazz and pop/rock piano styles, and offers both degree and diploma programs. Many top Toronto pianists and Toronto piano teachers are on the faculty of one or more of these fine institutions.

Piano Teachers with Diplomas from Toronto's Glenn Gould School

The RCM's Glenn Gould School trains top Toronto pianists and piano teachers at a parallel level to the Bachelor and Masters degree programs. The Performance Diploma is at the level of a Bachelor degree, while the Artist Diploma trains pianists at a Masters degree level - the difference being that these programs are focused more on practical performance and less on academic study. Nevertheless, with highly-competitive entry into these programs, piano teachers in Toronto with Glenn Gould School certification should be considered formidable pianists and highly-skilled and trained piano teachers.

When considering taking piano lessons with any piano teachers in Toronto, don't be afraid to ask prospective piano teachers about their qualifications, and where they have earned them. If any of the above Toronto institutions are listed, you can be sure that they are among the best of Toronto's piano teachers. If not, perhaps they have earned a Bachelor or Masters degree at an equally great university program elsewhere. If they don't have a recognizable piano teaching qualification, it is possible they might have the equivalent in experience or private training, but you will want to proceed with caution when considering piano lessons with piano teachers in Toronto who are not highly-qualified. After all - there are so many well-qualified piano teachers in Toronto, why not learn from the best?

Places to Practise Piano in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect lists 10 places to practise piano in Toronto if you don't have a piano at home.

Places to Practise Piano in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect lists 10 places to practise piano in Toronto if you don't have a piano at home.

With Toronto's every-increasing population density, the condo boom, and many Toronto residents sharing walls, apartments, or rooms, having a piano to practise on at home can be a challenge. Most piano players recognize that regular - ideally daily - practice is necessary to maintain a decent ability to play piano. Certainly piano practice is an important part of taking piano lessons, and piano teachers in Toronto will expect you as a piano student to practise and prepare material for your piano lessons each week.

So where can you practise piano in Toronto if you do not yet (or are not able to) have a piano at home? Here are a few options ranging from piano practice rooms in Toronto libraries to piano practice studios throughout Toronto available for use at hourly rates.


Practising Piano in Toronto Libraries

One of the best options is to practise piano in one of Toronto's five library branches with piano practice rooms. The Toronto Reference Library is first-come first-serve for its digital pianos, while the North York Central Library, Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre, Parkdale Library, and Parliament Street Library have real acoustic upright pianos and offer the option to reserve their piano practise rooms in advance. If you live near a library you can get your daily practise in for your piano lessons, and impress your piano teacher each week with your improvement!

Practising Piano in Toronto Piano Shops

While you can go into any piano sales shop in Toronto and pretend to piano-shop while running through a few scales and pieces on showroom pianos, a couple of piano shops in Toronto offer a bit more privacy with dedicated piano practice studio rooms. Paul Hahn in Rosedale has a great space with a beautiful Steinway grand piano available for practice at $20/hour. (Incidentally they also have a great selection of pianos for sale rent, and our piano teachers have rented and purchased pianos from Paul Hahn.) If you're in Scarborough, check out Scarboro Music's piano practice studios, also available at $20/hour.

Practising Piano in Toronto Rehearsal Studios

There are also dedicated rehearsal studios in Toronto available at hourly rates. While most rehearsal studios are geared towards rock bands, there are a few that are suitable for your piano practise and preparation for your piano lessons. Array Music is a fantastic space in Liberty Village with a grand piano, available for piano practise at $26/hour and up depending on the day/time (including an extra cost for use of the piano). Toronto's Rehearsal Factory and Cherry Jam Rehearsal are well-established rehearsal studios for bands, and both offer use of keyboards for an additional cost. If you don't mind preparing for your piano lessons on a keyboard - or if you are taking pop/rock or jazz piano lessons - these studios could be a good bet.

It is well worth the effort of traveling to one of the Toronto locations listed above to get your daily piano practise in. Piano lessons on their own won't make you a great pianist - your piano teacher is your guide, and only you can take their guidance and apply it every day in your piano practice. With efficient and regular piano practice you can be sure to see your piano playing progress in record time.

As a side note, if you are a piano teacher yourself and are not currently able to offer piano lessons in your own home, the options above could provide ideal venues for teaching piano lessons as well as for piano practice.

And if you are still looking for a piano teacher, be sure to get in touch! We've got some of the best piano teachers in Toronto, and would love to connect you with a piano teacher who fits your musical interests, learning style, and other needs.

Where to Rent Pianos and Keyboards in Toronto

Renting a piano or keyboard in Toronto can be a great way to get started with your piano lessons without making a big up front investment in buying a piano.

Where to Rent Pianos and Keyboards in Toronto

Renting a piano or keyboard in Toronto can be a great way to get started with your piano lessons without making a big up front investment in buying a piano.

To make the most out of your piano lessons in Toronto, it is essential to have a piano at home to practise on. If you are a beginner piano student, you may be concerned about making the investment in purchasing a piano right away. As piano teachers in Toronto may tell you, this creates a catch 22 - you don't know whether you want to pursue learning piano until you try out a few piano lessons, but you can't successfully try a few piano lessons without having access to a piano to practise on during the week in between your piano lessons.

Thankfully, a middle-ground can be found with piano rentals. Several music shops and piano dealers in Toronto offer piano rentals at reasonable rates, allowing students a low-cost option to test the waters of piano playing without diving in to the big investment of buying a piano.


If you are on a tight budget - and if you are lucky - you may be able to borrow one of the two digital pianos available at the Toronto Public Library Parkdale branch. The Toronto Public Library is a great resource for piano teachers and piano students alike, and this is another example of the wonderful free musical offering they provide (in addition to piano practise rooms, piano sheet music, and audio collections). Visit the TPL website for more information about how to sign out a piano.


Renting a Digital Piano from Long & McQuade's Toronto Location

The next best thing to the Parkdale TPL's free digital pianos, is the Toronto Long and McQuade's low-cost piano and keyboard rentals. Starting from around $50/month for a decent 88-key keyboard, Long and McQuade's piano/keyboard rental prices are quite a steal. They also have daily and weekly piano rental rates, offering lots of flexibility as you get started with your piano lessons in Toronto.


Renting a real, Acoustic Piano from Paul Hahn & Co.

For renting a real acoustic piano in Toronto, our first recommendation would be Paul Hahn & Co. Pianos in Rosedale. Paul Hahn & Co. has an outstanding collection of high-quality pianos, many of which are available as monthly rentals. They don't have monthly rental pricing on the website, so contact the piano shop directly or stop by the Toronto piano store location for more information.

North Toronto Piano Rentals at Cosmo Music

If you are in North Toronto, it's well worth a trip to Cosmo Music in Richmond Hill. Cosmo has great piano rental offerings, with 100% of your rental payments applied towards your purchase if you decide to buy the piano within the first 90 days of renting. Click here to view their current Toronto piano rentals price list.

Piano teachers in Toronto are themselves a great resource when making decisions about buying or renting pianos in Toronto. At your first piano lesson in Toronto you will have a chance to ask all of your piano questions, so be sure to request your piano teacher's thoughts on the types of pianos they would suggest for you, and the piano stores in Toronto that carry them. One thing all piano teachers in Toronto will unanimously agree on is that it is essential to practise between your weekly piano lessons. Whether you rent a piano, buy a piano, or use one of the piano practise studios in Toronto, being prepared for each piano lesson will allow you to make quick progress, have more fun, and get more more value for the time and financial investment you put into piano lessons in Toronto.

Piano Stores in Toronto

Buying a piano or keyboard in Toronto is an exciting task, and can also be daunting. Here are Piano Teachers Connect's top suggestions for piano stores in Toronto to start your piano search.

Piano Stores in Toronto

Buying a piano or keyboard in Toronto is an exciting task, and can also be daunting. Here are Piano Teachers Connect's top suggestions for piano stores in Toronto to start your piano search.

For beginner piano students and professional pianists alike, buying a piano in Toronto can be a large and daunting task. With prices for pianos in Toronto piano stores ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, it's important to consider your budget and match it to the highest quality piano in your price range to make sure you get the most value out of your purchase.

Consulting piano teachers in Toronto is a great way to get started. Once your Toronto piano teacher gets to know your level of playing and personality, they can suggest a type of piano and piano budget that fits your needs.

The next step is to visit a piano showroom and chat with a piano dealer/salesperson. Regardless of where you end up purchasing your piano - and even if you buy a piano online - talking with staff at Toronto piano stores will give you important insight into making your purchase. Toronto has some great piano stores with large selections of both real, acoustic pianos and digital pianos. Stop by a few of the Toronto piano stores listed below and take some time to try out the various piano and keyboard models. You won't be rushed by staff, and can play the showroom pianos to your heart's content, until you get a feel for the nuances and differences between the different pianos.


In the heart of downtown Toronto, across from the Royal Conservatory of Music and a stone's throw from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music, Remenyi House of Music is a good place to begin your search when buying a piano in Toronto. Remenyi has a large showroom with a wide selection of upright pianos, grand pianos, and digital pianos - a rare mix as many Toronto piano stores tend to offer either digital or real/acoustic piano options rather than both. It's easy to trust a piano store located in such close proximity to two world-class piano education institutions.


Buying a Piano at Paul Hahn & Co.

As with piano rentals and piano practise rooms in Toronto, Paul Hahn & Co. is one of Piano Teachers Connect's go-tos when recommending stores to buy a piano in Toronto. It's a small, local, family-run business, dating back to 1913, and now in its third-generation run by Alex Hahn (Paul's granddaughter). Alex and the rest of the team are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to help. They live and breathe piano music at Paul Hahn & Co., and take it upon themselves to connect with the Toronto piano-playing community - professionals, teachers, students, and amateurs alike - in a way that few other Toronto piano stores would.

Buying Vintage Keyboards and Digital Pianos in Kensington Market

Depending on the style of piano music you are learning in your piano lessons in Toronto, it may be worth a trip to Paul's Boutique in Kensington Market. This magical store is a dream-come-true for pop/rock keyboardists looking for the authentic sounds of vintage fender rhodes, clavinets, organs, synthesizers, and other keyboard instruments. Paul's Boutique also carries excellent weighted 88-key digital pianos, and given that the pianos are second-hand you may find a great deal not available at most other piano stores in Toronto, which focus more on selling new pianos.

Buying Digital Pianos on Toronto's Queen street West

Steve's Music on Queen Street West is another of Toronto's mainstay piano and musical instrument stores. Steve's Music carries all the current top digital piano and keyboard models (no real/acoustic pianos), and the staff knows their gear. Grab a set of headphones and rotate from one digital piano to another until you find the piano with the sound and touch you love the most, and be sure to ask the sales reps which pianos are their favourites too. (As a side note, Jonah, the Director of Piano Teachers Connect, bought his first digital piano at Steve's.)


Buying Steinway Pianos in Toronto

If you have a decent budget and are interested in going straight to the top of the pile of piano stores in Toronto, the Steinway Piano Gallery should be your destination. Steinway pianos are well-known and recognized as a top brand in piano-making, and are worth considering especially if you are interested in a baby grand piano or a full concert grand piano. Steinway Piano Gallery has two Greater Toronto Area locations in Mississauga and Markham (you need to get out of downtown Toronto to have space for all those grand pianos) and have retail hours on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends.


When buying a piano in Toronto, don't forget - your Toronto piano teacher is there to help. Ask your piano teacher for advice, make a trip to the Toronto piano stores to check things out, then consult your piano teacher again before making a final decision. Buying a piano in Toronto is a major purchase, and it's usually better to buy a high-quality piano that won't need upgrading in the near future as your interest and ability to play piano increase. Hopefully buying a piano in Toronto will be a fun and exciting adventure, marking the birth of a beautiful relationship between you and your new piano.

Piano Tuners in Toronto

Pianos are complex mechanical musical instruments, and piano students, piano teachers, and pianists alike need the help of piano tuners in Toronto to maintain their pianos for a long and happy musical life.

Piano Tuners in Toronto

Pianos are complex mechanical musical instruments, and piano students, piano teachers, and pianists alike need the help of piano tuners in Toronto to maintain their pianos for a long and happy musical life.

Made of wood and metal, real, acoustic upright and grand pianos are like living creatures - they are sensitive to their environment, changing with the temperature and humidity, and they need to be looked after and cared for regularly in order to live a long and prosperous life. If your piano is happy and healthy it will reward you by singing out beautifully and harmoniously when you press its keys.

If you ask advice of piano teachers in Toronto, they will recommend that you have your piano tuned regularly as part of your piano's care and maintenance. Generally piano tunings should be scheduled twice per year, though the frequency of piano tunings depends on your piano itself, how much your piano is played, and whether the piano is moved, as these factors will affect your piano's tuning.

Most piano teachers and pianists in Toronto do not tune their own piano - it is extremely rare for a Toronto piano teacher to also be a piano technician. Piano tuning is a highly skilled trade, and piano tuners in Toronto are specialists who have gone through extensive training, apprenticeships, and years of experience to perfect the craft of tuning pianos. Toronto has some of the world's best and most talented piano tuners; as pianos are very complicated and complex mechanical instruments it is important to find a piano tuner who will provide the best possible long-term care and service for your piano, to ensure it will continue to play beautiful piano music for years to come. Below are Piano Teachers Connect's top two preferred resources for booking a piano tuning with piano tuners in Toronto.


Toronto piano tuner Marc Decorte is widely regarded as one of the best piano tuners in Toronto. He has worked as a piano tuner and piano technician with top piano companies and has prepared pianos for major Toronto concert halls in advance of piano performances by some of the world's best pianists. Marc's business, Decorte & Co., brings together an elite team of Toronto piano tuners and piano technicians, who are all required to meet Marc's high standards of piano tuning skill and ability. At Piano Teachers Connect we work with Decorte & Co. regularly, and they are our first-choice piano tuners in the Toronto area. Complete their piano tuning contact form to schedule a piano tuning, or visit their website for more information about piano tunings.


Booking Toronto Piano Tuners with Paul Hahn & Co.

Like Decorte & Co., Paul Hahn & Co. in Midtown Toronto maintains the highest standards with everything they do, and that includes tuning pianos. Some of Paul Hahn & Co.'s Toronto piano technicians are listed on their website, so you can read for yourself what a dedicated team of piano tuners in Toronto they have compiled. Schedule a piano tuning using their booking form, and you can rest assured that your piano is in good hands (good Hahns?).


If you are having piano lessons at your own home in Toronto, you will make your Toronto piano teacher very happy by keeping your piano in tune. Even if you travel to your piano teacher's home or teaching studio for piano lessons, keeping your piano tuned and well-maintained will ensure that you get a great sound out of your piano that will inspire you to play better and make faster progress in your piano lessons in Toronto. After a few visits, your Toronto piano tuner will likely even become your friend and piano mentor, whom you can call upon when you have questions about your piano, are unsure how to protect your piano from the extreme humidity changes in Toronto, or just need help fixing that sticky key in the top half of your piano. Pianos are a masterpiece in mechanical engineering, and Toronto piano tuners and technicians are essential to keeping piano music alive throughout our Greater Toronto Area.

16 Places to Attend Free Piano Concerts in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect presents a list of 16 venues that host free piano concerts and free organ concerts in Toronto.

16 Places to Attend Free Piano Concerts in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect presents a list of 16 venues that host free piano concerts and free organ concerts in Toronto.

One of the best ways to gain the motivation and inspiration to drive your piano practise forward, maximize your progress, and get the most out of your piano lessons is to see professional pianists performing live. In Toronto we are fortunate to have a plethora of world-class classical pianists and jazz pianists performing regularly in the Toronto area. Attending every piano concert at Massey or Roy Thomson Hall might be cost-prohibitive - luckily piano students and piano enthusiasts in Toronto can benefit from a great number of free piano concerts in Toronto, happening every week in various Toronto venues.

16 venues hosting free piano (and organ) concerts in Toronto:

Free Piano Concerts at Toronto Churches

Many of Toronto's churches have regular free piano concerts and free organ concerts, often around noon on a week day.

The Cathedral Church of St. James (65 Church St, Toronto, ON M5C 2E9) features its organ (originally built in 1888) in free organ concerts twice per week.

The Church of the Holy Trinity (19 Trinity Square, Toronto, ON M5G 1B1) holds free concerts during the noon hour on Mondays, featuring a variety of different types of ensembles including choirs, solo pianists, and chamber ensembles.

The Church of Saint Stephen-in-the-Fields (103 Bellevue Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2N8) offers Wednesday lunchtime concerts throughout the summer months with some of Toronto's best pianists, organists, and other instrumentalists booked to perform.

Saint Basil’s Catholic Parish (50 St Joseph St, Toronto, ON M5S 1J4) includes a variety of music in its concert programming, including the odd free organ recital.

The Beach United Church (140 Wineva Ave, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4) presents a Jazz & Reflection series on Saturdays, where you can find some of Toronto's best jazz piano players performing live in concert.

St. Andrew's Church (73 Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 1W9) is one of the best spots in Toronto to see Toronto's fiery up-and-coming classical pianists perform some of the classical piano repertoire's most demanding works. St. Andrew's holds free piano concerts during lunchtime on Fridays from March through May.

The Metropolitan United Church (56 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 2Z3) holds its free piano concerts series entitled Noon at Met on Thursdays during the lunch hour, often featuring some of Toronto's most talented classical pianists.

Christ Church Deer Park (1570 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1Z8) is home to Toronto's best jazz vespers - a mix of reflective readings and great local jazz. You will often find the top Toronto jazz pianists performing in these free Sunday afternoon concerts.

Free Piano Concerts at Toronto Concert Venues

If free piano concerts in churches isn't quite your thing, a few of Toronto's ticketed concert venues also offer free piano concerts and free organ concerts as part of their music programming.

Roy Thomson Hall (60 Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 2H5) features its magnificent Gabriel Kney pipe organ in free concerts of choir music and solo organ performances.

Gallery 345 (345 Sorauren Avenue, Toronto ON M6R 2G5) hosts the odd free concert, advertised as "pay what you can".

The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts (145 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 4G1) is home to the Free Concert Series in the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre. One part of the Free Concert Series is the Piano Virtuoso Series, which includes free classical piano concerts with Canadian and international classical piano superstars, and a mix of repertoire ranging from Baroque to 21st Century compositions.

Free Piano Concerts at Piano Stores in Toronto

Toronto has some excellent piano shops and piano dealerships, which in some cases open their doors to host free piano concerts for the Toronto public.

Steinway galleries have several locations around the GTA, and offer free piano concerts, as well as free concerts featuring ensembles, in a variety of styles of music from classical to jazz.

Paul Hahn & Co. (1058 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2L4) has been selling and restoring pianos for over a century and three generations of family owners. Once in a while they treat the community to intimate free piano concerts in the shop.

Free Piano Concerts at Universities and Music Conservatories in Toronto

Toronto's universities and music conservatories are home to world-class undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate-level programs in piano performance. The piano students in these programs represent the next generation of piano virtuosos. As part of their piano studies, students present annual free piano concerts which are open to the public and a great opportunity to see fiery new interpretations of some of the most challenging classical and jazz piano repertoire.

The highly-competitive University of Toronto piano performance program has Toronto's best piano teachers on faculty, and piano students performing to exceptional standards. Recital season typically falls near the end of the university term times, and is the best time to check out the free piano concerts and the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music.

The Royal Conservatory of Music is located almost beside the U of T Faculty of Music, and has equal prestige and high-caliber piano teachers and piano students. Be sure to catch Glenn Gould School Students in their year-end free piano concerts for the next generation of virtuosic pianists.

Free Piano Concerts at Toronto Libraries

Finally, the Toronto Public Library is an amazing resource for all things cultural and free, and Libraries around the city also host occasional music events, including free piano concerts. Search the TPL website under "Programs & Classes" - "Culture Arts & Entertainment" or watch Piano Teacher Connect's calendar of free piano concerts in Toronto for upcoming events.

If you had any doubt that Toronto was a world-class city for piano performers and music enthusiasts, a look at the number of piano concerts and other musical events happening every day and night throughout the city may change your perspective. In addition to the free piano concerts, be sure to save up and check out the ticketed piano concerts in Toronto as well - the pianists performing in these concerts are worth the money and you will likely walk out of a concert experience you will never forget.

How to Find Piano Teachers in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect's guide to finding piano teachers in Toronto.

How to Find Piano Teachers in Toronto

Piano Teachers Connect's guide to finding piano teachers in Toronto.

Toronto has a plethora of wonderful piano teachers, but finding one in your local area, who has availability to schedule lessons at times convenient for you, shares similar musical interests to you, and offers a teaching approach that fits your personality and learning style, is not necessarily an easy task.

Thankfully, there are some places to start your search for a piano teacher in Toronto.

The easiest and fastest way to find a piano teacher in Toronto is to contact us - we know and work with most of the best piano teachers in Toronto, and can connect you with the best piano teacher for you!

 Finding piano teachers in Toronto via Google

Finding Piano Teachers in Toronto Through Google

Of course there is Google, where searching for piano teachers in Toronto will yield hundreds of thousands of results, and where you will find websites for individual piano teachers, music schools, and classified ads for piano teachers on kijiji. Finding the best possible piano teacher to fit your needs - and who is qualified and experienced in teaching piano lessons - can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

 RCM piano teachers in Toronto

Piano Teachers at Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music

If you want to cut down on research time you can head to the Royal Conservatory of Music. The RCM is known for having the top piano teachers in the city. Piano lessons at the RCM come at a steep price tag (around $100 per hour), take place at their downtown Toronto location (near Avenue Road and Bloor), and are focused on classical piano. You are almost guaranteed to get a great classical piano teacher here.

If $100 per hour is out of your budget, another option could be taking piano lessons with a Glenn Gould School student (the university-level piano performance program at the RCM). You can preview and even meet GGS students at the free piano recitals they perform in throughout the year. Many GGS pianists are also piano teachers, and may not charge as much for private piano lessons as the RCM itself does. It's a great program, and you are fairly certain to get very high-quality piano lessons from students of the GGS.

Finding Jazz Piano Teachers at the Rex

In fact, going to piano concerts in general can be a great way to meet some of Toronto's top piano teachers, chat with them in person, and consider trying some piano lessons with them. If you are interested in jazz piano lessons, head to the Rex for any jazz band performance that lists a piano player. If you like the jazz pianist's playing you can chat with them at the break, ask them about their approach to teaching piano, and grab their contact info.

 Finding piano teachers at shows at the Rex

Getting Piano Teacher Recommendations from U of T's Music Faculty

If that approach seems a bit intimidating, getting a recommendation from a pro is the next best bet. You could get in touch with a piano faculty member at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music and ask them if they have a current or former student who they could recommend as a piano teacher.

 University of Toronto Music Faculty

If you are interested in having piano lessons with a great piano teacher who is well-qualified and experienced it helps to be pointed in the right direction. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn about how we can help match you with the best possible piano teacher from our amazing roster of piano teachers in Toronto. When we suggest a piano teacher we'll take into account your location, availability, musical preferences, level, previous musical experience, goals, and learning style to make sure that your piano lessons will integrate easily and conveniently into your life as well as being ideally designed around the way you learn best.