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Places to Practise Piano in Toronto

With Toronto's every-increasing population density, the condo boom, and many Toronto residents sharing walls, apartments, or rooms, having a piano to practise on at home can be a challenge. Most piano players recognize that regular - ideally daily - practice is necessary to maintain a decent ability to play piano. Certainly piano practice is an important part of taking piano lessons, and piano teachers in Toronto will expect you as a piano student to practise and prepare material for your piano lessons each week.

So where can you practise piano in Toronto if you do not yet (or are not able to) have a piano at home? Here are a few options ranging from piano practice rooms in Toronto libraries to piano practice studios throughout Toronto available for use at hourly rates.


Practising Piano in Toronto Libraries

One of the best options is to practise piano in one of Toronto's five library branches with piano practice rooms. The Toronto Reference Library is first-come first-serve for its digital pianos, while the North York Central Library, Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre, Parkdale Library, and Parliament Street Library have real acoustic upright pianos and offer the option to reserve their piano practise rooms in advance. If you live near a library you can get your daily practise in for your piano lessons, and impress your piano teacher each week with your improvement!

Practising Piano in Toronto Piano Shops

While you can go into any piano sales shop in Toronto and pretend to piano-shop while running through a few scales and pieces on showroom pianos, a couple of piano shops in Toronto offer a bit more privacy with dedicated piano practice studio rooms. Paul Hahn in Rosedale has a great space with a beautiful Steinway grand piano available for practice at $20/hour. (Incidentally they also have a great selection of pianos for sale rent, and our piano teachers have rented and purchased pianos from Paul Hahn.) If you're in Scarborough, check out Scarboro Music's piano practice studios, also available at $20/hour.

Practising Piano in Toronto Rehearsal Studios

There are also dedicated rehearsal studios in Toronto available at hourly rates. While most rehearsal studios are geared towards rock bands, there are a few that are suitable for your piano practise and preparation for your piano lessons. Array Music is a fantastic space in Liberty Village with a grand piano, available for piano practise at $26/hour and up depending on the day/time (including an extra cost for use of the piano). Toronto's Rehearsal Factory and Cherry Jam Rehearsal are well-established rehearsal studios for bands, and both offer use of keyboards for an additional cost. If you don't mind preparing for your piano lessons on a keyboard - or if you are taking pop/rock or jazz piano lessons - these studios could be a good bet.

It is well worth the effort of traveling to one of the Toronto locations listed above to get your daily piano practise in. Piano lessons on their own won't make you a great pianist - your piano teacher is your guide, and only you can take their guidance and apply it every day in your piano practice. With efficient and regular piano practice you can be sure to see your piano playing progress in record time.

As a side note, if you are a piano teacher yourself and are not currently able to offer piano lessons in your own home, the options above could provide ideal venues for teaching piano lessons as well as for piano practice.

And if you are still looking for a piano teacher, be sure to get in touch! We've got some of the best piano teachers in Toronto, and would love to connect you with a piano teacher who fits your musical interests, learning style, and other needs.