Tarik Rahman

Our Approach to Pop/Rock Piano Lessons

Tarik Rahman
Our Approach to Pop/Rock Piano Lessons

Our approach to pop/rock piano lessons is two-fold: to teach you the skills necessary to experience the joy of playing your favourite music on the piano, and to nurture your creativity so that you may know the fulfillment that comes from creative expression.

Great pop/rock music - like all great art - is born from a passion. No famous pop/rock star ever started plunking out chords on the piano because of the career potential; there was music inside them from the beginning, longing to get out.

Our pop/rock piano teachers approach piano lessons with the goal of setting your inner pop/rock artistry free. They help you achieve this by offering fun, enjoyable lessons, where you learn to play the music you love, and by showing you that there is no single, correct way to play pop/rock piano - except the way that you feel it.

A great musician once said that only when he stopped worrying about playing like, or being “as good as”, his musical idols, and realised that the only musician he could play like was himself, was he finally able to express himself freely through his music, without inhibitions, enabling him to go on to achieve great things with his art.

That’s why it’s so important for you to take an active role in deciding what you will learn in your pop/rock piano lessons. It’s your job to go explore the music that’s out there in the world, find bands and artists that inspire you, and use this music as fuel for your own creativity. When you bring your favourite music and your creative ideas into your piano lessons, your pop/rock piano teacher can use your musical passions as a starting point, adding in their professional expertise to provide you with the skills you need to grow as a musician.

At the same time, your pop/rock piano teacher will offer clear guidance and direction in your piano lessons.

Our pop/rock piano teachers design your course of study around your goals and interests; they look at where you want to go, and tell you exactly what you need to do to get there.

Our pop/rock piano teachers will make sure that you have a solid, well-rounded foundation in pop/rock piano playing, upon which your creative output can thrive.

Through teaching you all the essentials - such as reading music, chord theory, and improvisation - with direct applications to your personal musical goals and interests, our piano teachers will arm you with the exact set of tools you need to be successful in the styles of music that you want to create.

Your musical adventure starts and ends with you - our professional pop/rock piano teachers can help you get from A to B!

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