Tarik Rahman

Reading Pop/Rock Piano Chord Charts And Sheet Music

Tarik Rahman
Reading Pop/Rock Piano Chord Charts And Sheet Music

Pop/rock piano music is often learned by ear, but it can also be written out as:

  • a fully notated piano score (like classical sheet music),

  • a chord chart consisting of only bar lines and chord symbols,

   I C    F    I G    F    I

  • or a combination of both a piano score and chord symbols.

Pop/rock piano students have their work cut out for them - they must be able to play by ear, read traditional piano notation, and read chord symbols. Our pop/rock piano teachers can incorporate all three aspects into your pop/rock piano lessons, to make sure that you establish a thorough foundation for your piano playing.

  • Reading piano scores: If you are a beginner student, our pop/rock piano teachers have excellent methods for teaching you to read traditional piano notation. If you can already read music, our piano teachers can show you the tricks to sight-reading with confidence.

  • Reading chord charts: If you know your chord theory, reading this type of sheet music is a snap. Our pop/rock piano teachers can show you the many possibilities for voicing chords on the piano, and how to interpret chord symbols in fresh and interesting ways.

  • Reading sheet music that combines a piano score and chord symbols: When your piano score also contains chord symbols, it opens up the possibility of changing the notated piano part to create a more personal interpretation. Our pop/rock piano teachers can show you how to use the written part as a guide, while embellishing and developing the music in different ways based on the chord symbols.

Being able to read all three kinds of pop/rock piano sheet music will make you a versatile and sought-after pop/rock pianist. But your reading ability is only the beginning. There are countless possibilities for interpreting pop/rock music, and your pop/rock piano teacher will help you develop your creativity by opening you up to these possibilities.

For a pop/rock piano or keyboard player, it’s also essential to play by ear. Have a look at our Pop/Rock Piano Aural Training page to see how our piano teachers can open your ears, and teach you to learn your favourite music from the recordings!

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