Tarik Rahman

Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

Tarik Rahman
Piano Lessons for Adult Beginners

The early stage of learning piano is a critical period.

As an adult, choosing your first piano teacher is an important decision - it could mean the difference between developing a wonderful outlet for self-expression and enjoyment, and giving up in frustration with a lasting dislike for music.

It’s never too late to learn to play the piano.

Our piano teachers have highly tuned teaching methods specifically suited to piano lessons for adult beginners. Our piano lessons for adult beginners are very flexible, and our piano teachers are intuitive, able to quickly find the ideal course of study and teaching approach for each individual student. 

Getting off to the right start is of utmost importance.

From your first piano lesson we’ll focus on:

  • The experience: having fun playing the piano.

  • Reading music: developing accurate and effortless reading skills. 

  • The ear: music is sound, and playing the piano must involve listening skills.

  • Creativity: no matter what the genre, style, or level, treating music as a means of self-expression will breathe life into your piano playing.

When teaching piano lessons for adult beginners, our piano teachers

  • Encourage students to take an active role in choosing repertoire and making decisions about their course of study.

  • Talk to students about their learning style, and the best way to organize lesson material for them.

  • Understand that many adults work full-time and have busy lives.

  • Balance students’ personal musical goals and aspirations with the need for a well-rounded development and strong foundation of piano playing and musical knowledge.

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