Caitlin: Online/Skype Piano Teacher

Our online/Skype piano teacher Caitlin offers piano lessons in all styles of music for ages 4 and above, from beginner to intermediate level. This piano teacher has a Bachelor of Music degree and extensive experience teaching and performing on piano. She has been teaching piano lessons since 2008. This piano teacher has played solo piano and/or as a singer-pianist for weddings, and as piano accompanist for students for exams and performances. She also plays as a session musician for local bands. This piano teacher won the Australian Women in Music award for her contribution to music education, teaching piano lessons in remote rural areas. She has taught piano lessons in a wide variety of environments to students of various types and levels. This piano teacher's ability to adapt her piano lessons and tailor them according to students' needs allows her to engage students' interests and passions, and help them achieve their learning goals and musical aspirations.

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